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Dr. Martina Ayala

Director of Training
Dr. Martina Ayala has joined the SFFSN as our new Director of Training.  Her extensive experience includes working in non-profits and the field of education for the past 31 years.  She has a doctorate in International and Multicultural Education with an emphasis in Anthropology of Education and Film from the University of San Francisco. She has taught all grade levels and ages ranging from toddlers to adults in higher education.  She has worked as a consultant for various non-profits and corporations in northern and southern California specializing in strategic and organizational development, leadership, administration of programs, management, accreditation, education, parent engagement, media, grant writing, cultural arts, filmmaking, music promotion and event planning.  She has previously received recognition for her work in film, her pioneering efforts in the field of education, and community work improving the lives of women and children.

Phone: 415-530-7440

Ricardo Eugenio

Administrative Associate
Ricardo has worked with nonprofit organizations for several years before joining the SFFSN. Being part of organizations that provide services and support to their communities in the past, he understands the hard work and dedication that is needed to accomplish this.  His background includes working with nonprofit organizations, small family owned businesses, and city agencies to reach a larger audience using social media.

Phone: 415-917-3376